Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Win a $50 gift Certificate to Heirloom Toys!!!

There's a great review and giveaway going on right now over at A Nation of Moms. She's written a great review of Heirloom Toy's Powwow Lodge Teepee. Makes me want one!

We've made our son a playhouse in the living room out of cardboard boxes, but that teepee is way cuter! Here's the adorable, and apparently quite roomy teepee...

 I have looked and looked, and cannot find a pic of our "house" though I swear I've taken pictures of Sasha in it before... Ah well, maybe that's for the best... it's not cute. ha ;)
Anyway, you can find more information, and enter the giveaway here...
You should also be sure to follow A Nation of Moms on facebook...

Be sure to enter, b/c Heirloom Toys is awesome, and $50 can help you get some fabulous stuff!
Some of the things I like...
They've got so many great musical toys, and my son loves to make noise!!!

(My son has this gator, and he LOVES him!!! He makes a clapping noise as you pull him)
Of course a great classic... the Radio Flyer, great for outdoor play.
They've also got lots of educational toys... here's one where your child can practice balance by keeping the palm tree level.
And something that's a bit of a splurge at $278.95... but you do get free shipping with orders of $99 or more! ($5 for anything under $99.)
I so want that pirate ship sand box... I mean, there is really something for everyone's taste, and these are great eco-friendly options! You can visit their website at...

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