Friday, December 10, 2010

New Winter Snowflake Diaper!

So, I just posted a new diaper listing on my etsy... this is for a One Size diaper cover. I can also make this print into a pocket diaper, just let me know if you'd like one. ;)
The listing for this diaper is here...
It's finally getting quite cold down here in Florida, though I don't think we'll be seeing any snowflakes. Still, it's fun to get into the Wintery, Christmasy mood. This diaper is full of very cool colors to get you in the mood for bundling up nice and snug! Plus, the outer print is flannel, so it's nice and soft. ;)
And of course, here are a couple new pics of my ds... playing in the front yard in the fallen leaves. Notice, we've got our woolies and leg warmers on! ;)
Hope you're all staying safe and warm!

Free Christmas Cards!!!

I just ordered 60 Christmas cards from and all I paid was shipping and handling(about $5). Wow! Just use code 50cards at checkout... when you make your card it will ask you how many you want. Put in 60, they will all come up free... saving you over $20! This offer is only good for the 4x8 cards, NOT the 5x7. But still, it's a great deal! I also ordered a new gel mousepad for us too, with a pic of my sweet son on it... it's a Christmas gift for my hubbie! Yay!
Merry Christmas!!! ;)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Merry Fluffy Christmas!!!

So, it's already day #5 of  A Merry Fluffy Christmas... have you kept up with all your entries? On all 19 blogs? It will keep you on your toes! But so worth it... the prizes are FABULOUS!!! So many great sponsors.
Well, one of my diapers is featured today on The Tree Huggin' Momma's blog. I will be giving away either a OS pocket diaper, or a OS diaper cover... winners choice depending on your diapering routine. The print will be a surprise... but I can tell you, you'll love it! ;)
 You can enter here...

Have fun, and good luck!!! :D

Oh, and just for fun... a couple new shots of my sweet son... how can I not share?... ;)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Sasha!

So... I realized I haven't put up my son's b-day pictures yet. Of course I have to show off my little man!!! haha He turned a year old on Nov. 9th, and we had his party on the 20th. I made him a shirt for the occasion to match his blue sock monkey diaper too! :)
I tried my hand at cake decorating, and  for a 1st timer I think I did ok... It was pretty simple, and a lot of fun to do! Here's some bits of our day... enjoy!
Here's the shirt I made the night before the big day...
Here's Sasha, fresh from a nap. He woke up to a house full of people, hence the furrowed brow! haha
Here's the cake I made for him... Happy 1st Birthday Sasha!!! You're my star!
And here's the classic messy face... he didn't like the cake much at all.. which I'm perfectly happy with! ;)
The loot... the booty... the goods... however you want to say it, there were way more then I imagined! Wow.
Opening presents...
Sasha's fav gift... his ukulele... Uncle Brenden showing him how to play...
Opening more gifts, and he's still on the ukulele. haha (I love his face in this one!)
 The food... burgers, brats, organic blue corn tortilla chips, hummus, carrots, cherry tomatoes, ranch, crackers, and Cabot Pepperjack cheese. YUM! :)
And finally... I sat down! haha A picture (from right to left) with Sasha to the right, me, his godsister Selena(the brunette), Atari(the redhead), and Makayla(the blonde). He's surrounded by beautiful little girls!!!
Well, I have so many more pictures, but I don't want to take up my whole 1st page, or bore you to death! ha
Hope everyone is having a beautiful day!!! I'll be posting my new fabrics soon, so keep a look out for them! ;)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Mason got a diagnosis!

Here's an update on our little friend Mason... he got diagnosed with 2 things this week... finally! Now he can get the early intervention/therapy he needs. He has been diagnosed with a Genetic Syndrome, Smith-Magenis... and Autism... Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified, to be exact.
Although this is crushing for his mother, it is also a blessing to finally know and have somewhere to start. Please keep this wonderful family in your thoughts and prayers!
You can read the full story posted by Mason's mom on her blog here...
I highly suggest you follow her blog as well, she's amazing... and she does great blog designs if you're in need. Check those out also! I'm hoping to get a blog makeover from her myself once I've got the finances... maybe after the new year. ha
Much love,

Monday, November 15, 2010

Ahoy Matey!

Come check out my new Little Pirate diaper... it even has matching Jolly Roger snaps! Arrrgggg!

You can view the listing here...
I also got red and green Ooga snaps to match the Christmas Ooga Booga diaper... see?...

Hooray! I've ordered more Christmas Ooga PUL, and teal/green/brown Ooga PUL... plus a new print! Jolly Rogers! Yay! I'll get pics up as soon as it arrives. ;)
Thanks for all your continued support guys! Hope you're having a beautiful day!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Finally a FB Page! :-)

Alright guys... I've finally made Peace, Love & Diapers a Facebook Page. You'll notice that is says... aka Hippie Heiny's. Peace, Love & Diapers will continue to be my shop, but I'll be ordering tags soon for my diapers which will be called Hippie Heiny's. (Thanks to my sister for that name suggestion.)
Anyway, come "like" me... I'll be doing a giveaway when I reach 100 fans!!!
You can find my "like" box to the right in my blog, or my FB page is here...!/pages/Peace-Love-Diapers-aka-Hippie-Heinys/172816996077191
Also, I'll be stocking new Christmas Ooga Booga diapers in the store... prepare for the holidays in the cutest of ways! :)
Hope you're all enjoying this lovely fall day...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sasha's 1st Halloween 2010

Ok, here are the pictures from Sasha's 1st Halloween. We participated in events 2 nights in a row, so he was a pumpkin 1st, and a dragon 2nd. I made his dragon costume too!!! Hooray! :)
Here's our little sweetie!*** Beware, this may be an overload of cuteness for some viewers, so look at your own risk! haha :)
So, here we are at the Ghouls, Goblins & Greeks... where the sorority houses at UF host a night for trick-or-treating, games, face painting, and family fun. Sasha was a pumpkin here... I wasn't done with his dino costume yet. (Oct. 28th 2010)

And here we are trunk or treating in his dragon costume, yay!!! Took me 3 days to finish. Phew! (Oct. 30th 2010)

That's our Halloween... feel free to share your pics too! I'd love to see what everyone else dressed up as. ;)


Monday, November 1, 2010

Money for Mason

Luke 6:38 — “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

BonniesBows has taken this verse to heart. I have decided to dedicate my ETSY store to help others. God has laid it on my heart to help one of my new twitter friends and I came to the decision that she will be the first of many.

I want to help raise money for a family in need. I am donating 20% of all BonniesBows sales in the months of November and December directly to Dana Sears' family. Their government has let them down and I pray that God will use me to bless them.
I met Dana through twitter and was moved to tears when I read Mason's story on her blog. As a mother, I was enraged and saddened over what Dana's family has had to endure. As a mother, I felt a strong urge to protect her son and help them in any way I could. Dana has never asked for anything from me. She's never complained or whined about her situation. She has merely stated what is occurring and what her life is like. I admire the heck out of her for all she is doing and has done for her sons. I encourage you to read her words at the end of this post or on her blog.
What can you do to help? Simple. Make any purchase from BonniesBows and 20% goes to Dana.  Get a special something for your baby while helping hers. You can also donate directly through the paypal button on Dana's blog after Nov 1st.

*Also- please help us spread the word. If you blog- steal as much of this as you want and re-post. Twitter? Link us up! Facebook, Myspace, Message Boards- we will take any advertising we can get!

We can do this guys, WE can help this Mama take care of her babies. If it was your story wouldn't you want someone to help you?


Dana's Words:
Hello, My name is Dana Sears & I am Mason's Mom. Mason was born with Special Needs. At this time we do not fully understand the "Special" but we do understand Mason's "needs". Because Mason doesn't have a diagnoses, Drs dont really know what causes his issues, we do not receive government funding for Mason's needs. In 2009 Mason received his G-tube, this is a tube implanted into his stomach to allow us to bypass his swallowing. Mason's feeding costs are around $100 a day, that works out to $36,000 a year, just to feed him. That is impossible for a young family. Mason also needs Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Developmental treatment, Behavioural intervention & tools to help us in our day 2 day life.

Many families with Special needs Children struggle financially due to the extraordinary costs of raising our children. Our Family has gone $64,000 dollars in debt just giving Mason the bare minimums for the last year and a half. We are unable to supply Mason with everything that the Drs. and specialists say he needs. We have had help from Variety-The Children's Charity, they supplied one year grant of $5000 when we were weeks away from having to give Mason over to the Ministry, we had no where left to borrow money from.

I never thought by Blogging my feelings, or our journey trying to solve Mason's Riddle that I would run across someone like Bonnie. Bonnie is an amazing woman, to want to help my family is more than I can thank her for. I am not good at asking for help, but we are again needing some funds for Mason. We are stuck waiting to hear about our appeal to the government and waiting to hear from Charities. As the next couple of months go by we will be in need of more medical supplies again.

What will we use the Donations for? The specialists have asked for Mason to have a swing that he can use at all hours of the day. Swinging is a long acting drug in Mason's body, better than any pharmaceutical available. Mason is the happiest when he is swinging. Over time we have purchased most of the parts like the swings, rope ladder, rings, and just need to purchase the lumber and bolts to complete it! This swing will allow Mason to use one anyone type if swing at one time and will sit in a room in our house. Also we need to purchase some more feeding bags, and a few Mic-key buttons. We go through a Mic-key button every two months, these cost just over $400 a piece. On average I spend $30-$45 a week in parking for appointments. This is a huge expense that most people don't realize. We have one credit card, right now it's maxed out at $1500 for just parking dues. It's crazy.

Our family can't thank you enough for helping. Complete strangers helping my family, it just amazes me. When everyone around us has left, complete strangers have picked us up, encouraged and now want to help support us. It's.Truly.Deeply.Amazing.

Warm Regards,
The Sears Family
Twitter: DanaSearsFam

*Grab Mason's button: 

Helping Mason

Monday, October 25, 2010

Have you Heard of Sprig Toys? They're AWESOME & eco-friendly!!!

Ok, these are the coolest toys I've seen in a very long time! I ordered several of these for my son's upcoming b-day, and I'm so excited. They cam in the mail, and they are so CUTE! They're eco-friendly, made from sprigwood. 
Here's some info right from the site...

Sprig Toys, Inc., is an eco-friendly company dedicated to making the best toys
the right way.

Inspired by our collective desire to keep kids active and the planet healthy, Team Sprig is dedicated to infusing creativity, smart design, quality manufacturing, earth-friendly materials, product satisfaction and responsible business practices into a superior line of fun, kid-powered toys.
We help make the world a better place and we get kids off the couch. Pretty cool, huh?

My absolute favorite collection is the Adventure Series... I ordered my son the Adventure Rig, which has to be the coolest toy on the planet!

Here's the info...

Our Sprig Adventure Series is built around the Discover Rig – a sturdy, battery-free vehicle with a removable push bar.

World-famous Adventure Guide Cap Faraday has invited you to be the driver on his trek through the African Serengeti. Keep your ears open and your eyes on the road because on Secret Safari, there’s a silly animal around every bend, and you’re always in for a wild ride!
The Discover Rig comes with Adventure Guide Cap Faraday, and can seat up to three Adventure Guide characters at one time. When a child rolls the Discover Rig forward, it triggers the generator that fuels the lights and sounds.

All of the Adventure Guides can be used for different stories and lots of fun. I ordered all the extra guides, plus we also got the Baja Scout. It's so hard not to pull these out of the box now, but I'm waiting 'till the party.

Our Baja Scout is full of spunk, eager to take Miki Flinders and a second Adventure Guide cruising the dunes.

Welcome to Hawker, Australia – headquarters for world-famous Adventure Guide Miki Flinders. Take the wheel on his next Outback Journey, and help Miki keep an eye out for wombats and bandicoots! Miki’s crazy Australian sayings are sure to keep you in stitches.
Some of the other fun toys they have include the eco-trucks...

Sprig Eco-Trucks are loads of fun. Can you dig it?

Digging, loading and dumping. That’s a tried-and-true formula for dirt pile and sandbox fun that we simply won’t mess with. Sprig Eco-Trucks are fully equipped with flip-open cabs and easy-grab handles, making each freewheeling vehicle inviting and a cinch to maneuver.
The scooping action and rotating chassis of the Excavator turns serious digging into child’s play. The Loader does the trio’s heavy lifting, and the Dump Truck gets the job done with its tilting cab, locking bed and swing-out tailgate.
The playful, cartoon-like designs of our chunky vehicles make them irresistible to preschoolers, and parents love the eco-friendly, battery-free, kid-powered construction. Recommended for ages 3 and up.

Sprig Hollow...

Out in the backyard lives a magical world called Sprig Hollow.

Our friends Bee and Butterfly, the architects of Sprig Hollow, specifically designed all the farm vehicles for maximum utility in water, sand and garden environments. All of the vehicles at Sprig Hollow come equipped with detachable tools and water-resistant materials in order to sustain play and expand possibilities. The playful, cartoon-like designs of our chunky vehicles, characters and play sets make them irresistible to preschoolers, and parents love the eco-friendly, kid-powered construction. So jump into a place where imaginations blossom as preschoolers and their grown-ups play and learn in the fresh air! Recommended for ages 3 and up.

And Story Builders... 

Build your own adventure with our Story BuildingTM playsets.

Simple to use, these block & panel building sets are great for preschool kids to build and use their imaginations. Join Princess Penny to build a storybook palace or spend a day working with Ol’ Mac on the farm. Our “On the Go” story-building books are an ideal way to introduce children to classic stories they can re-enact over and over. These eco-friendly toys also work great with your existing train, car, and figure sets too. Our Story blocks are made from SprigwoodTM and the panels are printed on recycled paper using water based inks.

The other great thing about these toys? They're a great price too! So check them out, and get your kids into the eco-friendly toy world! :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween Covers, Pumpkins & such...

I just stocked a cute Halloween Ooga Booga diaper cover in my etsy store. Check it out here...
I also stocked some super absorbent inserts. These are awesome b/c they fit into your pocket diaper, but are also great just under a re-usable cover! So cool, and diverse. ;)
And just for fun... here's the spider pumpkin I carved a couple nights ago...
And my son Sasha, rock'n his Jolly Roger babylegs... woo! :)
Hope all you mamas are enjoying this lovely fall weather! I know I sure am!!! :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

If you use sposie diapers... this video... this is what you're putting on your precious babies skin every day! YUCK!!! Use cloth, please!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mothering Magazine Twitter Party!!!

Be there or be square! This is an exciting opportunity to share in fun and educational babywearing discussion, and you could win great prizes!!! So exciting.

  • The time is 7PM PST/10PM EST on Thurs Oct 14 2010 and the party will last for approximately one hour.
  • The hashtag for the party is #MMag (see below for how a Twitter party works).
  • No RSVP required.
  • Make sure you are following us on Twitter @MotheringMag.
All the details are here...
Hope to tweet with you there. ha ;)