Monday, October 25, 2010

Have you Heard of Sprig Toys? They're AWESOME & eco-friendly!!!

Ok, these are the coolest toys I've seen in a very long time! I ordered several of these for my son's upcoming b-day, and I'm so excited. They cam in the mail, and they are so CUTE! They're eco-friendly, made from sprigwood. 
Here's some info right from the site...

Sprig Toys, Inc., is an eco-friendly company dedicated to making the best toys
the right way.

Inspired by our collective desire to keep kids active and the planet healthy, Team Sprig is dedicated to infusing creativity, smart design, quality manufacturing, earth-friendly materials, product satisfaction and responsible business practices into a superior line of fun, kid-powered toys.
We help make the world a better place and we get kids off the couch. Pretty cool, huh?

My absolute favorite collection is the Adventure Series... I ordered my son the Adventure Rig, which has to be the coolest toy on the planet!

Here's the info...

Our Sprig Adventure Series is built around the Discover Rig – a sturdy, battery-free vehicle with a removable push bar.

World-famous Adventure Guide Cap Faraday has invited you to be the driver on his trek through the African Serengeti. Keep your ears open and your eyes on the road because on Secret Safari, there’s a silly animal around every bend, and you’re always in for a wild ride!
The Discover Rig comes with Adventure Guide Cap Faraday, and can seat up to three Adventure Guide characters at one time. When a child rolls the Discover Rig forward, it triggers the generator that fuels the lights and sounds.

All of the Adventure Guides can be used for different stories and lots of fun. I ordered all the extra guides, plus we also got the Baja Scout. It's so hard not to pull these out of the box now, but I'm waiting 'till the party.

Our Baja Scout is full of spunk, eager to take Miki Flinders and a second Adventure Guide cruising the dunes.

Welcome to Hawker, Australia – headquarters for world-famous Adventure Guide Miki Flinders. Take the wheel on his next Outback Journey, and help Miki keep an eye out for wombats and bandicoots! Miki’s crazy Australian sayings are sure to keep you in stitches.
Some of the other fun toys they have include the eco-trucks...

Sprig Eco-Trucks are loads of fun. Can you dig it?

Digging, loading and dumping. That’s a tried-and-true formula for dirt pile and sandbox fun that we simply won’t mess with. Sprig Eco-Trucks are fully equipped with flip-open cabs and easy-grab handles, making each freewheeling vehicle inviting and a cinch to maneuver.
The scooping action and rotating chassis of the Excavator turns serious digging into child’s play. The Loader does the trio’s heavy lifting, and the Dump Truck gets the job done with its tilting cab, locking bed and swing-out tailgate.
The playful, cartoon-like designs of our chunky vehicles make them irresistible to preschoolers, and parents love the eco-friendly, battery-free, kid-powered construction. Recommended for ages 3 and up.

Sprig Hollow...

Out in the backyard lives a magical world called Sprig Hollow.

Our friends Bee and Butterfly, the architects of Sprig Hollow, specifically designed all the farm vehicles for maximum utility in water, sand and garden environments. All of the vehicles at Sprig Hollow come equipped with detachable tools and water-resistant materials in order to sustain play and expand possibilities. The playful, cartoon-like designs of our chunky vehicles, characters and play sets make them irresistible to preschoolers, and parents love the eco-friendly, kid-powered construction. So jump into a place where imaginations blossom as preschoolers and their grown-ups play and learn in the fresh air! Recommended for ages 3 and up.

And Story Builders... 

Build your own adventure with our Story BuildingTM playsets.

Simple to use, these block & panel building sets are great for preschool kids to build and use their imaginations. Join Princess Penny to build a storybook palace or spend a day working with Ol’ Mac on the farm. Our “On the Go” story-building books are an ideal way to introduce children to classic stories they can re-enact over and over. These eco-friendly toys also work great with your existing train, car, and figure sets too. Our Story blocks are made from SprigwoodTM and the panels are printed on recycled paper using water based inks.

The other great thing about these toys? They're a great price too! So check them out, and get your kids into the eco-friendly toy world! :)

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