Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Sasha!

So... I realized I haven't put up my son's b-day pictures yet. Of course I have to show off my little man!!! haha He turned a year old on Nov. 9th, and we had his party on the 20th. I made him a shirt for the occasion to match his blue sock monkey diaper too! :)
I tried my hand at cake decorating, and  for a 1st timer I think I did ok... It was pretty simple, and a lot of fun to do! Here's some bits of our day... enjoy!
Here's the shirt I made the night before the big day...
Here's Sasha, fresh from a nap. He woke up to a house full of people, hence the furrowed brow! haha
Here's the cake I made for him... Happy 1st Birthday Sasha!!! You're my star!
And here's the classic messy face... he didn't like the cake much at all.. which I'm perfectly happy with! ;)
The loot... the booty... the goods... however you want to say it, there were way more then I imagined! Wow.
Opening presents...
Sasha's fav gift... his ukulele... Uncle Brenden showing him how to play...
Opening more gifts, and he's still on the ukulele. haha (I love his face in this one!)
 The food... burgers, brats, organic blue corn tortilla chips, hummus, carrots, cherry tomatoes, ranch, crackers, and Cabot Pepperjack cheese. YUM! :)
And finally... I sat down! haha A picture (from right to left) with Sasha to the right, me, his godsister Selena(the brunette), Atari(the redhead), and Makayla(the blonde). He's surrounded by beautiful little girls!!!
Well, I have so many more pictures, but I don't want to take up my whole 1st page, or bore you to death! ha
Hope everyone is having a beautiful day!!! I'll be posting my new fabrics soon, so keep a look out for them! ;)

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