Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Sasha!!! (VERY pic heavy!)

Well, my baby boy is growing up. Two years ago, on Nov 9th, I gave birth to a beautiful 9lb 8oz baby, Sasha Rayne Laurette.  He is the love of my life... well his daddy too! ;) I can't believe it's been 2 years, and at the same time, it seems like I've always had him. Motherhood is the most beautiful, amazing thing in the world. I am proud and honored to be Sasha's mommy. (This post was supposed to go up on the 9th, but it took me so long to get done, it's late. Sasha was 2 weeks late too, so hey.) ha
*****Here's our last 2 years in pictures... (this post may be more for me than anyone else... ha) Reminiscing while looking through all these old pics makes me smile.)
A couple days before he arrived...
Sasha is here!!! Born in the water at our home.
Daddy weighing his new baby boy... (love those toes)
Sasha and his ample milk supply... ha (2 days old)
Sasha's 1st bath... the only one he ever hated. (1 week old)
  When he fit on one arm...
Sasha's 1st Fall Feast! (and also his 1st outing) 5 days old.
In his cool beanie...
 My little Christmas Elf...
I remember when newborn clothes were too big...
One of his 1st smiles...
Chill'n in his boppy...
New Dr. Seuss fan...
My little heart melter...
Sweet little man chewing on his fingers.
Ready for Aunt Alanna's baby shower...
World's cutest Bob Marley fan!
 Sasha's 1st time meeting Uncle Dean.
Getting some loving from Lotus...
Welcome to the world cousin Gage! This is Sasha's 1st time meeting his best friend. :)
 Sitting on the couch all by himself... propped up with pillows.
I think Daddy was lucky he didn't get peed on here... but it sure made for a cute picture! Look at that smile!
My favorite boy...
Blowing bubbles for mommy...
Sitting with Grammy...
Getting kisses from Aunt Sandy!
He fell asleep like this in his swing...
Playing with Daddy...
Sasha's 1st Valentines Day (2010)

 Sasha's 1st time meeting his friend Lilith...
Cutest grin...
Because I have to post at least one baby butt picture... Gage and Sasha.
He fell asleep like this when we went for a walk...
My sister and I, and our 2 boys. <3
Gage and Sasha napping together...
Sasha's 1st trip to the park...
 Mr. Smiley Pants...
Sasha and Gonzo.
 Sasha's 1st St. Patrick's Day.
Sleepy cousins.
Sasha's 1st time meeting his Aunt Tafie. (She lived in Japan at the time)
Sasha's 1st time at the river...
Sasha's 1st Easter.
 Daddy time.
Sasha and one of his many dragonfly friends at the river.
Later Gator jammies!
Sasha with 20WT after their show. (my future rock star)
Going to the river is his favorite thing!
Sasha at the river in one of his 1st cloth diapers. (yes, we started late... bummis superbrite cover over a hemp babykicks prefold)
Sasha in his buggy bag while we grocery shop.
 Sasha and Poppy (my dad)
Mommy got a new camera for Mother's Day, so now I'll be crystal clear! Hooray!!! ;)
I am the happiest baby!
I like to drool when I smile...
My friend Seth and I shared the same midwife... and now she's expecting! Congrats Jess! :)
The group and I just before my 1st river float, down the Itchetucknee.
I'm so handsome.
 Practicing baby yoga, in a gdiaper.
Tummy time with my pal Gonzo.
Playing on the bed with my Daddy...
Spending time with my Godfather, Uncle Cody. RIP, we miss you so much! :-(
Sip'n on some juice in my Daddy's lap.
Like Father, like Son...
Driving my car from Poppy...
So cool in my shades...
Sasha's 1st 4th of July... chill'n with Daddy. 
Sasha getting his 1st 2 teeth...
Sasha pulling himself up to stand!
Just because it's one of my favorite pictures...
Rosy cheeked river baby.
Sasha enjoying a live show at the now gone cafe(MSC)... rock'n with Daddy!
Daddy and Sasha at his Godsister's 7th birthday party.
Sasha crawling around in the 1st cloth diaper I ever made!
Showing off that smile!
Sasha in his 1st pair of shorties. We love wool!!! (he had his blood drawn that day for some tests, hence the blue thing on his arm. He was a trooper by the way, didn't even cry!)
Hippie butt...
Gage and Sasha... cousins.
Sasha's gets his 2 top teeth. 
Happy family. <3
Sasha's favorite thing to do for a while was bang on this tin like a drum... he was so funny with it.
Sasha and Gage with Aunt Alanna.
My buddy and I.
Watching the cars go by out the front door.
Sasha's 1st time at a pumpkin patch.
Sasha's 1st car show!
Sasha's 1st Halloween!!!
Sasha's 1st birthday!!! (11/9/10) We went to the park with Grammy, Aunt Alanna and Gage.
Silly grin.
Sasha's 2nd Fall Feast! Helping Dusty warm up on the drums... he's a natural!
Serious chocolate face... and a cheese-it style gold tooth. baha
Sasha's 1st birthday party... with his favorite gift, his ukulele.  Thank you Aunt Pam!!!
Rock'n some teething bling... aka amber necklace. ;)
Sasha and Gage at Snow day 2010... we live in Florida, so it doesn't really snow here. A church group gets together annually, and has a snow machine downtown so the kids can play in the "snow" It's really more like a big lump of ice, since the sun quickly melts it together, but hey... still fun. :)
Meeting Santa 2010
I love his mohawk beanie, and that smile!
Sasha and his ukulele.
Yelling at the football game Uncle Pete was playing... 
Ice cream treat on a hot summer day...
Sasha loves bath time, and I love Sasha!!!
Sasha and Gage, Easter 2011
River time... Summer 2011
Fun at the park!
Sasha LOVES Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops!!! He calls them pops. ;)
Modeling his new shorties...
Having fun with Mama Rose!
Playing in his nifty nappy fitted we won. ;)
Sasha's 1st camping trip...
Sasha's 1st music festival... Purple Hatters Ball, 2011.
Meeting Myron Mixon from TLC's Bar-B-Q Pitmaster's show at a local Bar-B-Q cook-off!!!!!
Playing in the backyard with the waterhose...
 Sasha's 1st Beach Trip!
 Sasha and his Nanny in the pool.
Picking a book for story time...
Mr. Cool at the park.
Sasha, his cousin Gage, and his Godsister, Selena at a local Halloween event.
Sasha trick-or-treating his favorite ginger, Atari. They held hand all night! <3
Sasha and I at the fair this year...
And last, but not least, Sasha on his birthday... Mr. Yogurt Face!
I'll have a separate post with pics from his birthday party... I hope you've enjoyed browsing. I sure did. I miss him being small, and these pictures brought back so many good memories. I sure LOVE my baby boy!!!
Thanks for viewing. :)

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