Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Store will be temporarily closed...

So my family moved to a new home the week of Christmas, and we are loving it! It's so much bigger, and in a great neighborhood. The only thing... we don't have our internet hooked up yet, ahhh!!! I know, so that makes it a little hard to run a store huh? I thought I closed it when we moved, but apparently with all the bussle, I forgot... of course. I just got on today to find that I had a sale last month... yikes! I feel terrible. Luckily that transaction is being resolved, and I should still be able to get this mama her dipe before her son's special day.
Anyway, I took the rest of my products down... just for a short while. I'll have everything back up running normal again as soon as we get the internet working here. (I'll even have new prints and styles! Oh yes, a whole re-vamp!) I will of course update all you fine people once I've done that. Hope you've enjoyed your New Year... and are looking forward to a wonderful Valentines Day full of love and kisses!!! :)

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