Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Happy Labor Day Weekend! Part 2

So, we had a fun day on Mon... even though it was rainy out here. We played inside with the dogs, adopted 2 new pets (2 little rat babies, girls, from a friend of mine... and we LOVE them!) Plus we made some AMAZING tea! ;)
The combo... make some sweet tea, you can use black or green, whatever your preference. Mix a good amount of tea with a bit of spiced rum, a splash pomegranate juice, and a quick drizzle of lemon juice. Add ice, and viola. Sorry for the "loose" measurements, I've found that you just need to add per your own taste, though I will warn, the pom juice is strong! Only add a little, b/c you can always add more. (I used Pom/blueberry juice, and it was amazing.) Our guests were happy, as were we, and we all had a fun time relaxing and enjoying the day off. :)
On to my little Sasha, and his fun for the day... here are a few snaps of him and the pups. (pics of the rats coming soon.)
The end, hope you enjoyed. And definitely try that tea, it is wonderful. ;)


  1. That tea sounds delicious! :) And I love Sasha's longies, too cute!

  2. Thanks so much Jill! The tea was quite yummy, and I love those longies too! They are some of our newer ones, and it's not cold in FL right now, so we haven't gotten to use them too much. I'm excited for fall, and hopefully getting more longies and maybe some overalls! :)