Thursday, September 1, 2011

What a Day!

Sooooo..... today has been quite the day! To start, this morning when I let the dogs out, I didn't realize the neighbors dogs were out too. Lotus ran under a hole in the fence into their yard and chased them around... while I yelled constantly for her to come back in our yard. I should have known then... ha Well, after that, I got online to check my messages, and while I was on the computer, my little angel, Sasha, found my stamp(the one I stamp packages with for my diapers and such... vistaprint stamp) He thought it would be fun to dip it into the dog water dish, and get black ink all over himself and the floor! He even stamped one of his diaper inserts... I just noticed that about an hour ago, when I went to stuff them all. There, perfectly legible on the hemp, is my hame and etsy addy. haha I had to laugh.
Well, I put Sasha down for a nap after I cleaned up all the ink. I actually took a short nap myself, which was DIVINE!!! When I woke up and went to get Sasha, I found he had taken off his diaper, and peed in the crib. In my haste to get him to sleep, I forgot to put shorts on him. Darn it.
I get Sasha dressed in a clean diaper, take off his sheet and bumper pad(which also got wet), and cleaned the mattress. Then I fix us some lunch... at least the sandwich press didn't catch fire! (knock on wood)
Upon going to clean the bathroom, I discover that Lotus got a hold of one of my nice bath towels, and chewed a hole in it! Arrrrrgggg!!!!
I've had enough of the house! I need to go mail a diaper package today anyway, so I grab a quick shower, get dressed, and head to the car with Sasha... this is where my day gets really awesome. MY CAR WON'T START!!! What?!? It worked fine yesterday. Oh boy. I call my mom, who comes to my rescue. She stays with Sasha, while I use her car to go to the PO before it closes. When I get home, I clean the battery, and hook up the jumper cables so we can get her started. I have a dinner date with my bestie this evening, and I was really looking forward to not cooking. Doesn't matter, the car still won't start. I'm going NOWHERE! My husband and my dad are both out of town right now... at least my hubbie will be here tomorrow. I called and told him what was going on. I am really hoping it was just that my mom's car battery was too small... hers is smaller than mine. I really hope hubbie's work van can jump it off... well see. We may have to buy  new battery... and hope that's the only problem. I really home that's all it is, b/c we just bought this car about 6 months ago!
THAT is why I'm drinking a Bourbon and coke right now. Yep. And Sasha continues to be in  bad mood. Wish me luck for the rest of my night!
Oh, on a positive note, here's a cute pic of Sasha with my mom... she brought him a bike toy, and tools! (He has a slight obsession with bikes lately, of the motorcycle variety.)

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  1. As an update, my hubbie got a new battery, and the car started right up! Thank goodness that's all it was. I'm so happy! :)