Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Fever Sponsor Spotlight #4 - Peace, Love & Diapers

Our last sponsor is... ME! haha Peace, Love & Diaper, aka Hippie Heiny's.
I make cloth diapers among many other things. I do lots of customs, including special name embroidery, sports teams, etc. If you're looking for a truly unique, one-of-a-kind diaper, I'm your lady! 

 Here's some info about me and my company...
I'm a WAHM, I make all of my diapers and other accessories myself in my own home. Everything is made with attention to detail, and lots of love! Thanks for your support!~Amanda
To provide adorable, affordable, eco-friendly diapers for all the sweet little bums in the world! Every baby should have a Hippie Heiny!
Company Overview
I decided I wanted to cloth diaper my son before he was ever born... and in July of 2010, when he was 7 months old, I decided I'd start my own small business making and selling cloth diapers to help support my growing family. My wonderful husband is our bread winner, and I am a stay-at-home-mom... well now I'm a WAHM, work-at-home-mom! I love it! I get to provide the best care for our precious baby boy, and still help bring in a little money to support our household... or maybe just my shopping trips for now. haha Still, it is something I enjoy. Each diaper is handmade by me in my home with care and love. :)
**Spend over $50 and get a FREE cloth diaper key chain (a $4 value)!**

If you order customs, I do require payment 1st. It's just to cover me, so I don't order lots of specific fabric or make several diapers of a certain size and then have someone back out of an order. Unfortunately, this happened to me by a mama here on ds already, so that's why I take the precaution. Thank you for understanding!

~Pocket diapers... These have snap closures(can also have hook and loop closure per request). There is a layer of microfleece to wick moisture away from baby's skin... there is a pocket in the back, you can see it in the picture of the inner of the dipe. This is where you will stuff your absorbent insert. There is a layer of PUL as a waterproof barrier, and then the cute print outer.

XXS/PR ~ $8.95 ~ 2 - 5lbs
XS/NB ~ $10.95 ~ 6lbs - 12lbs
Sm ~ $12.95 ~ 10lbs - 16lbs
Med ~ $14.95 ~ 15lbs - 25lbs
Lrg ~ $16.95 ~ 24lbs - 40lbs
OS ~ $17.95 ~ 10lbs - 35+lbs

~Inserts $5 for sm, $6 for m/l, or $10 for both with snaps to be snapped together. This option offers maximum protection, with little bulk, great for night time or heavy wetters! These are super absorbent inserts have 1 layer of Organic Bamboo Velour (OBV) for the top layer, and 2 layers of Organic Hemp Fleece for the bottom layers… to be used with the pocket diaper, as an extra layer in a fitted, or under a prefold or flat in a cover for extra absorbency. ($1 off a set of 2 if bought with a dipe)(can also be shaped to use with gdiapers!)
*New preemie insert sets for those super tiny bums! $7 each, or $6 if bought with a cover.

~PUL diaper cover prices vary depending on size, can be with snaps or hook and loop (These can also have any cute fabric on the outside, or can be made with printed or color PUL)

Sizes fit as follows...
XXS/Preemie: 2 - 5lbs ~ $9.50
XS/Newborn: 6lbs - 12lbs ~ $10.00
Small: 10lbs - 16lbs ~ $10.50
Medium: 15lbs - 25lbs ~ $11.00
Large: 24lbs - 40lbs ~ $11.50
OS: approximately 10lbs - 35+lbs ~ $12.50

~My fitteds are made with organic hemp/fleece as the outer absorbent layer, organic bamboo velour as an inner soaker fabric, 2 more layers of thirsty hemp/fleece inner, and then a microfleece layer against baby's skin to wick away moisture. (fitteds need a waterproof cover)
Fitted price list as follows:
***The prices on the left include either snap or hook and loop closure, your choice. The prices on the right are for a snappiable or pinable closure. (no snaps or hook and loop, you close with your snappi or diaper pin)
****If you prefer an AI2 style fitted with a snap in liner, that will be $2.00 extra per dipe. If not specified the fitted will be made in an AIO style.

XXS/PR ~ $11.95 ~ $9.95 *** $10.95 ~ $8.75
XS/NB ~ $13.95 ~ $11.95 *** $12.95 ~ $10.95
SM ~ $15.95 ~ $13.95 *** $14.95 ~ $12.95
M ~ $17.95 ~ $15.95 *** $16.95 ~ $14.95
L ~ $19.95 ~ $17.95 *** $18.95 ~ $16.95

~AI0's, which has everything on one piece... just like a disposable. It's got the water-proof layer, the absorbent inner, and the microfleece layer against baby. I can also add a pocket so you have the ability to stuff them for even more absorbency! (This is $2 extra per dipe)

XXS/PR ~ $15.50 ~ 2 - 5lbs
XS/NB ~ $17.50 ~ 6lbs - 12lbs
Sm ~ $19.50 ~ 10lbs - 16lbs
Med ~ $21.50 ~ 15lbs - 25lbs
Lrg ~ $23.50 ~ 24lbs - 40lbs
OS ~ $24.50 ~ 10lbs - 35+lbs

~AI2's, which has 1 one size "tongue" insert. Fold it to whatever length you need, and viola... you've got 4 layers of organic hemp fleece, 2 layers of organic bamboo velour, and microfleece on the top against the skin. Super absorbent, and still trim!

XXS/PR ~ $16.50 ~ 2 - 5lbs
XS/NB ~ $18.50 ~ 6lbs - 12lbs
Sm ~ $20.50 ~ 10lbs - 16lbs
Med ~ $22.50 ~ 15lbs - 25lbs
Lrg ~ $24.50 ~ 24lbs - 40lbs
OS ~ $25.50 ~ 10lbs - 35+lbs

~Snap Conversion, 1 row of snaps, for a thinner banded diaper, are $3.50 per diaper. 2 rows of snaps, for a thicker banded diaper, are $5 per diaper.
~Elastic replacement is also available. Leg elastic $3... Leg and back elastic, $4.


*** As many of you know... some fabrics are much more expensive than other fabrics, so if you order a dipe with printed PUL or minky as your outer it will be $2.00 more per diaper.
**** Also, if you'd like to add inner leg gussets to any of your diapers, that will also be $4 more per dipe as they take more material and a lot longer to make.

Be sure to enter to win a $10 store credit in the Spring Fever Giveaway, good towards anything in my shop, or towards any custom order! (Does not include shipping)



  1. I love your products. I'm thankful to have met you, and I'll definitely keep you in mind in the future. Your diapers seem to be really well made, as are your products I've purchased.

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