Thursday, January 19, 2012

ABE3 *SPONSOR Spotlight* Custom Creations by Sheila Olson

Our next Spotlight is on Sheila from Custom Creations. She makes a variety of cute and very useful things, my favorite of which are the rice bags. I LIVED with these on my shoulders/neck during pregnancy. I love them for headaches and tummy aches too. (like Aunt Flo's cramps) They're great straight out of the freezer, or heated up in the microwave. Sheila also just started adding corn to her rice bags too, which in my opinion makes them stay colder longer... plus it adds a nice texture.
She's so nice, she's donating 4, yes FOUR items for the giveaway prize packages! One of which is a cute size small pirate rice bag. This is a perfect size for your little mate, and comes with printed cover... so when long days out at sea result in a dingy bag, you just take the cover off, toss it in the wash, and viola, it's good as new again! :)
(The bag in the middle is the one that's going to be in one of the prize packages.)
Here's some info from her site, as well as a price list for the different size bags she offers...

"This is the original! This rice wrap with handles is perfect for holding around your neck, over your eyes, or anywhere else that needs soothing. It can be kept in the freezer for cold therapy, or microwaved for moist heat therapy.

Pricing (subject to fabric selection):

Mini (8-inch): $4.00 - $6.00
Small (12-inch): $6.00 - $8.00
Medium (16-inch): $8.00 - $10.00
Large (20-inch): $10.00 - $12.00
Jumbo (24-inch): $12.00 - $14.00

Add custom embroidery starting at $4.00 per product!"

Here's my little guy using his pirate bag... he was a bit into his show at the time, hence that crazy face. ha
Sheila is also offering up 2 boo-boo bags... one traditional in a cute robot print($3.00 prize), and one of her ADORABLE rice owls($5.00 prize)! The owls even have cute bows on their heads!!!
Lastly, but more certainly not least, she's offered an adorable Minky Ribbon Blankie... it's pink, with  "Angel" embroidered on it. (The example below features a child's name on it... the winner will not receive this exact one.) These are great for developing your baby's sensory skills! Each soft blankie is adorned with textured ribbons to stimulate tactile sensation, and is safe for rubbing or cuddling. This prize is worth $12!
This is by no means all Sheila has to offer though! For the kiddos, she also has adorable bib and burpcloth sets! Check out the ones below... are they cute or what?!?
Plus, she makes super cute children's aprons, which are great for all those messy art projects!
Some of the other stuff she offers for adults are her calming eye masks which are great hot or cold for relief from migraines, sinus pressure, or even itchy, swollen eyes during allergy season!
These body relaxers are great to put around your neck and have draped down your chest or back...
She even offers rice mitts and slipper for sore hands and feet. (perfect if you have arthritis!) Here's an example of the slippers... pair with a moisturizer for an at-home spa treatment. For stationary relaxing only--not meant for walking!
Here I am enjoying one of her rice/corn bags... sooo nice!
You can check out Sheila's facebook page here...
Her product selection, sizing, and pricing info can be found here...
And her fabric selection can be found here...

You can get some extra entries out of the way by liking her page on facebook. Then when the Giveaway post goes up on the 23rd, all you'll have to do it click done.
These make fantastic and very affordable gifts for loved ones too! ;-)
Come back between Jan23rd and Jan 28th to enter to win one of the Prize Packages! Each package is worth over $100!!!


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