Tuesday, January 24, 2012

ABE3 *SPONSOR Spotlight* Crafty Creations by Vicki

Our next sponsor is Vickie from Crafty Creations by Vicki. You are going to LOVE her crocheted play foods!!!
My son, Sasha, absolutely loves to play with his playfoods. He "helps me cook dinner." When I'm getting things ready in the kitchen, so is he. It's so cute! haha Vicki has some of the cutest play food I've ever seen! She has lots of fruits and veggies, eggs, milk, tea sets, etc. It's all so fun.
Here are some of my favorite things from Vicki's shop...
The item that attracted me to her shop in the 1st place... her adorable avocados!!!
She has lots of foods that my family likes to eat, and are usually harder to find... like the eggplant. 
I really like the Milk and egg sets...
She even has burgers and dogs!!!
Her tea sets ate absolutely darling! She makes them in a range of colors... here's a precious lavender set I like. It comes with everything you see... any little princess would LOVE to have this perfect set for tea time with her girlfriends(or stuffed teddies). :-)
Do you have a sweet tooth? Looking for some treats to add your your child's collection? You're in luck. Vicki also provides a great selection of desserts that won't pack on the pounds associated with most things that look this delicious! ;-)
Cupcakes anyone?
Ice cream?
I could go on and on... but I'd list everything in her store! haha
My son Sasha has had the pleasure of reviewing the Garden Harvest Play Food Set below...
Sasha LOVES these veggies, and really enjoyed "feeding" them to Daddy. Below are come photos from our "review session" aka play time! haha
These veggies are super durable... Sasha decided he'd chew on just about all of them. They are firm, not super flimsy, so no droopy carrots in this picking. I think these would be a GREAT addition to any child's collection. I know Sasha and I are both very pleased with them.
Vicki is great with communication, and shipping was fast! You'll love the customer service and high quality items you'll find over at Vicki's little "market." :-)
***For extra entries, go visit Crafty Creations by Vicki on etsy... then come back here and leave a comment letting me know what your favorite play food item is!
Have fun and good luck!


  1. I love the Avocado kitchen play set!

  2. the Garden Harvest Play Food Set is cute

  3. I like the Pretend Play Stuffed Chocolate Cookies- except my son might try to eat them!

  4. Oh, I love those avocados! My favorite set is the Garden Harvest Play Food Set.

  5. I'm blown away by the Garden Harvest Play Set that's in the ABE3 package. We would have so much fun with it!

  6. I love the radishes and the garden harvest

  7. The lavender tea set is beautiful!!!

  8. Garden Harvest. Hands down.

    andrea_grupe at yahoo dot com

  9. I might just buy a set of veggies...and then spend every moment trying to prevent my son from eating them all.

    1. specifically, the Garden Harvest Play Food Set

  10. Play carrot